James Argent naked selfie

Nude selfie of TOWIE’s James Argent is leaked onto internet… 18 months after he sent it to then-girlfriend Gemma Collins
Nude photos of TOWIE’s James Argent have mysteriously appeared on Twitter, reports Daily Mail super-sleuth Felicity Thistlethwaite, who has taken to Twitter herself to wish James Argent luck with his new book and express the hope that his little accident ‘helps book sales soar’.


The the photos of nude James Argent caused a social media storm, reckons Felicity Thistlethwaite, after his celebrity friends retweeted the picture and posted lewd comments about him online. James Ardent claims to have taken the nude selfie eighteen months ago to send to his then girlfriend Gemma Collins. But naked James Argent’s agent, Neil Dobias, is sure Gemma Collins didn’t leak the picture, which will leave banana buffing readers of the red-blooded tabloid suspecting this more stunt than leak.

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