J-Lo strips naked: pictures

‘I try to stay away from the media as much as I can,’ says J-Lo as she strips naked to promote new perfume
When Jennifer Lopez, aka J-Lo, told Women’s Wear Daily that she trying to stay away from the media, Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail felt challenged… so imagine the news desk’s delight when J-Lo’s publicists let them know that Jennifer Lopez had stripped naked for an ad campaign.


The red-blooded tabloid immediately realised that it could thwart Jennifer Lopez’s attempt to get some privacy by running the J-Lo naked ads free of charge for banana buffing readers to enjoy. Hack Amelia Proud was brought in to explain the J-Lo naked pictures to the tabloid’s readers.

‘Jennifer Lopez has unveiled her sexiest advert yet – and unveiled is the operative word,’ salivates Amelia Proud. Now everyone can see J-Lo not just naked, but oiled up and naked.

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