J C Davies on interracial sex

Latino men are possessive and Asians are rubbish in bed: One woman’s politically-incorrect verdict on interracial lovers
When Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail heard that author J C Davies had not only had sex with as many men of other races as she could, but had written a book about it a hack quickly put on a flasher mac and headed out for a copy.


J C Davies’s I Got The Fever is the product of 20 years of the kind research Daily Mail journos crave.

‘The guide has a different section for each race, with titles including: “Salsa Fever”, “Yellow Fever” and “Jungle Fever”,’ sighs the red blooded tabloid. J C Davies’s first black boyfriend was a Republican who wore a suit and the Daily Mail sniggers as he is labelled an Oreo (black on the outside, white on the inside), revelling in the racial stereotyping and name calling.

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