Irina Shayk nude

Putting her perfect skin to good use! Irina Shayk enjoys a nude shower in steamy new skincare campaign
When the PR people at Germaine De Capuccini Skin Care sent Paul Dacre’s red blooded tabloid a set of nude pics of Irina Shayk, the team could not have been more delighted. It fell to hack Holly Thomas to annotate the images supplied by the cosmetics company, in return for some cheap publicity, for banana buffing Daily Mail readers.


‘The 25-year-old stripped down for a steamy collection of shots for the UK beauty company, whose products include cleansers, toner, suntan lotion, exfoliators and anti-aging creams,’ explained Holly Thomas who reckoned the nude pictures made the most of Irina Shayk’s ‘perfect skin’. Holly Thomas was moved gasp when Irina Shayk showed off her bikini body: ‘Irina laid her honed form across some wooden decking over a sparkling turquoise sea for one shot, baring her stomach and endless legs in a black and orange bikini.’

Daily Mail readers who fancy their chances may be pleased to hear that ‘despite her stunning looks, it appear that Irina gets harassed far less by male admires far less than one might imagine’ and Holly Thomas has found some dating tips for would-be boyfriends in GQ.

Pick up lines are not required and when in London, Irina Shayk likes to be left on her own to go shopping in Selfridges and when in New York to vintage stores. Trousers must not be warn too high and the ideal man will drive a Lamborghini Aventador. Video gamers need not apply.

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