Helen Flanagan topless… well almost

Just how low can she go? Helen Flanagan barely manages to stay in her plunging, flesh-coloured frock
When paparazzi from Xposure Photos managed to get some near topless photos of Helen Flanagan, they knew they were in for a decent pay-day from Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail, which snapped up series of the revealing photos for banana buffing readers to enjoy.


‘She is known for her revealing attire,’ the red-blooded tabloid salivated over the near pictures of Helen Flanagan. ‘But actress Helen Flanagan appears to have outdone herself – even by her sartorial standards.’

The Daily Mail reckons Helen Flanagan was left virtually topless because the dress that was supposed to hold in her ‘curves’ (the Daily Mail’s favourite word for tits) was too small and meant that her breasts almost fell out. That the dress was nude, only served to further eroticise the situation for the tabloid, which was delighted to pun that the near topless Helen Flanagan had put her ‘Breast foot forward’.

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