Helen Flanagan’s most revealing selfies

Hi boys! Helen Flanagan leaves barely anything to the imagination as she posts another sexy ‘selfie’ on Instagram
Helan Flanagan has stripped for her most revealing ‘selfies’ ever, reports Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail. But banana buffing readers need not hunt down the informal self-portraits for themselves as hack Emily Sheridan has collected the best shots to share.


Cheeky Emily Sheridan reckons that since Helan Flanagan left Coronation Street she’s been making her living posing for sexing photo shoots. So the selfies look like a PR stunt to get more lad mag bookings. Reports Emily Sheridan: ‘The blonde, 22, appeared to be nearly spilling out of her Elizabeth Hurley Beach ‘Snow Leopard’ swimsuit as she took a self-portrait during filming for new reality show Celebrity Super Spa.’

And its not just swimsuits that Helen Flanagan falls out of: readers can catch her in lingerie too. Helen Flanagan ‘can’t stop posing’ bitches Emily Sheridan adding, ‘Helen pulls her signature “duck face” pose in yet another self-portrait.’

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