Harry Judd fills his briefs

What’s that you’ve got in your pants, Harry, the week’s laundry?
When Daily Mail hack Andrea Magraph caught a glimpse of Strictly Come Dancing’s Harry Judd on the cover of Attitude she couldn’t believe her eyes and rushed back to the office to share the sexy pics with her red-blooded colleagues.


And it wasn’t just Harry Judd’s six pack that tickled Andrea’s fancy. She couldn’t believe how well filled Harry Judd’s pants were, with a cheeky headline suggesting he’d stuffed some laundry in his knickers. Checking the Daily Mail archive for similar images, Andrea Magraph came across David Beckham (or as Paul Dacre’s organ likes to think of him; Goldenballs) in Armani undies. It looks like Harry Judd is the winner for Andrea Magraph and the Daily Mail team.

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