Gordon Ramsay naked

The real naked chef! Gordon Ramsay exposes his derriere as he takes a bath in new show Hotel Hell
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has stripped completely naked and taken a bath on screen, much to the delight of J J Anisiobi of the Daily Mail.


And best of all, says J J Anisiobi, ‘fortunately, the clip was not home video footage of the 45-year-old,’ but professionally shot nude work. Naked chef Gordon Ramsay has a new US TV show testing out hotels and it turns out that this establishment had too small a bath, so viewers see a bit more naked Gordon Ramsay flesh than they should. Readers of the red-blooded tabloid need not emigrate to see Gordon Ramsay in the nude, as Paul Dacre’s organ has obtained a series of still shots for banana buffing readers to enjoy.

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