Gisele Bundchen topless in Versace jeans

In the jeans! Topless Gisele models denim range for Versace
When the marketing team at Versace asked Gisele Bundchen to pose topless in advertising for their new jeans, they knew they wouldn’t have to pay Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail to run the ads.


The red-blooded tabloid was delighted to reproduce the images of Gisele Bundchen topless for the delight of its many banana buffing readers. Hack Sadie Whitelocks took a very close look and found the images Gisele Bundchen topless in Versace jeans most seductive and provocative. As a bonus for the ladies, also featured is male model Ryan Barrett. Gisele Bundchen and Ryan Barrett embrace tightly in one shot and it all becomes a bit too much for Sadie Whitelocks.

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