Geri Halliwell upskirt shots

Cheeky Geri Halliwell has a Marilyn moment as her skirt is caught in a gust of wind
When paparazzi from Eroteme submitted a series of upskirt shots of Geri Halliwell to Paul Dacre’s red-blooded tabloid team, the hacks got a little carried away, comparing the former Spice Girl to Marilyn Monroe.


‘Geri [Halliwell] was chatting to neighbours in London when she was caught by the unexpected breeze, and emulated Marilyn’s iconic pose as she struggled to hold her skirt down and not give her companions an eyeful,’ explains the Daily Mail.

The upskirt images of Geri Halliwell received close scrutiny from the Daily Mail team: Geri Halliwell was ‘wearing a pair of purple knickers with pink frills and writing that matched her hot pink dress’.

Paul Dacre’s upskirt fans had been previously frustrated when Geri Halliwell wore a short dress to see Lady Gaga, but with a ‘tight hemline [that] prevented any slip-ups’.

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