Geri Halliwell’s enviable curves

Besotted Geri Halliwell gets her curves back as she holidays with new love Henry
‘Geri Halliwell may be blessed with enviable curves,’ writes Richard Simpson for Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail, ‘but she needs a new swimsuit to help contain them.’


Simpson has been reviewing shots of the ‘curves’, Daily Mail speak for tits, supplied to the red blooded tabloid by paparazzi agency Big Pictures and reckons Halliwell ‘almost slipped out of her string bikini top. She also tried on a pink bikini – which promptly followed the first in partially sliding off.’

After viewing a photo of Geri mounting her boyfriend Henry Beckwith, Richard reckons the couple should ‘get a room’. But perhaps it’s the over excited Richard Simpson who needs to spend 20 minutes or so studying Geri Halliwell’s curves in private.

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