George Michael kisses mystery man

Just who IS George Michael kissing, Kenny? Star spotted smooching and it WASN’T with his long-suffering partner Goss
George Michael has been caught kissing a mystery man by paparazzi agency Matrix Photos, much to the delight of Paul Dacre’s organ, which rarely allows itself to get excited at overtly gay material.


Just for a change banana buffing readers are offered a full on gay kiss as George Michael smooches with the stranger in the absence of Michael’s ‘long suffering’ boyfriend Kenny Goss. The well toned pair are seen in no more than their swimming trunks as they swim in the sea near Sidney.

‘Afterwards the pair got back on deck and snuggled up together drinking beers,’ reports an over excited Chris Johnson. ‘George, 46, then rubbed sun cream all over all over his friend’s tattooed torso, who was seen smoking a suspicious-looking roll-up cigarette.’

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