Ferne McCann showcases bikini body

TOWIE’s Ferne McCann showcases her toned and tanned bikini body as she frolics in the sea on girls’ trip to Dubai
When TOWIE’s Ferne McCann to decided to showcase her tanned and toned bikini body while frolicking in the sea off Dubai, paparazzi from Bare Media were on hand to ensure that Paul Dacre’s red-blooded tabloid had the best bikini pics.


Top hack Felicity Thistlethwaite reckons bikini clad Ferne McCann was having a whale of a time, commenting that the 23-year-old’s coral, string bikini was just the thing to show off her deep natural tan. Felicity was particularly impressed at the way Ferne McCann employed her aviator sunglasses to keep her hair dry.

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