Fay Schlesinger to Daily Mail readers: ‘Ditch your diet for PeachBody pants!’

Time to ditch the pre-Christmas diet: Cellulite-busting control pants promise to ‘shave three inches of fat in just 21 days’
Daily Mail Femail correspondent Fay Schlesinger has sensationally called on readers of Paul Dacre’s organ to ditch their Christmas diets for cellulite busting PeachBody pants from Debenhams.


The public relations team behind PeachBody secured Fay Schlesinger’s endorsement — along with valuable free publicity in Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail — by supplying the red blooded tabloid with photos of a topless blonde wearing nothing more than her high heals and — you guessed it — a pair of PeachBody cellulite busting pants.

It looks most unlikely, but one can only assume that without the PeachBody control pants the model would like just another fat Daily Mail reader.

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