Eva Braun bikini and semi-nude shots… phwoar!

Hitler’s mistress: Extraordinary lost pictures of Eva Braun at play
When Reinhard Schulz, ‘collector and curator of photography’, discovered a series of intimate shots of Eva Braun Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre must have thought he was having a wet dream. Here was Hitler’s mistress in her bikini and ‘semi-nude’.


In the run up to the Second World War, the Daily Mail acted as cheerleader to Hitler’s invasion of Europe and exclaimed ‘Hurrah for the Blackshirts!’ Still under the control of its founding family, its outlook has changed little over the years.

Current editor Paul Dacre is best known for introducing soft porn to the red-blooded tabloid’s mix and will delight in this opportunity to bring the old and new Daily Mail traditions together.

One thought on “Eva Braun bikini and semi-nude shots… phwoar!

  1. The semi-nude photos are of Gretl Braun, not Eva. Further, these photos have been available over the web for year. However, for a truly new photography of Eva Braun at age 16, see ‘The Untold Story of Eva Braun’ by Thomas Lundmark.

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