Elisabetta Canalis naked

No airbrushing needed as George Clooney’s girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis strips naked for revealing PETA campaign
When Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail featured bikini shots of Elisabetta Canalis back in January, female readers agreed she could turn them lesbian. Now banana buffers can check out George Clooney’s girlfriend naked.


The 32 year-old Elisabetta Canalis stripped naked for an advert for animal rights charity PETA and this time Daily Mail readers are in bitchy mood, as the photos have not been retouched and so show just how good a naked Elisabetta Canalis looks when compared to a normal Daily Mail reader.

As well as Elisabetta Canalis naked the adverts feature Elisabetta Canalis’s pet dog. The red-blooded tabloid is at pains to point out that the dog is adopted and not Elisabetta Canalis’s natural offspring.

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