Elen Rivas: bikini, cleavage and a hint of nipple

So models do eat, then? Slender Elen Rivas clutches takeaway containers during a beach stroll
When paparazzi from Flynet spent the day extending their lens over Elen Rivas as she holidayed in Miami, Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail could not have been more happy with the results.


Banana buffing readers were delighted not only with a series of bikini shots, but with some good cleavage views and, to top it all, a hint of nipple. Climax was reached when, ‘Elen showed off an enviable body in a black two-piece, complete with shades and a hat, as she soaked up the rays barefoot’.

At one point Elen Rivas, still in a bikini, bought a meal that came in, ‘oodles of plastic containers that are typical of greasy spoon packaging’ and ate it with a friend. ‘The girls each held a carrier bag with three polystyrene packages inside despite the blazing 28 degree heat that was more suited to a light ice lolly,’ salivated the tabloid.

It was as ‘sunkissed’ Elen Rivas, ‘protect[ed] herself from the Miami sunshine by rubbing lotion in’ that her nipple was almost exposed, exciting Paul Dacre’s organ just a little too much.

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