Cool breeze erects Demi Moore’s nipples

Feeling the chill? Youthful Demi Moore has a Britney-style wardrobe malfunction
‘Bit nippy?’ cries out Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail as, ‘the cool breeze left Demi Moore looking perky as she headed to a coffee shop with Ashton in Studio City.’


Paparazzi run gossip site X17Online had captured a photo of Demi Moore as she left a coffee shop, with those erect nipples clearly poking through her top. The good news for banana buffing Daily Mail readers is that the paps were happy to share that photo with Paul Dacre’s red-blooded tabloid.

Demi Moore had ‘made a boob of herself’ by allowing her nipples to become erect in front of photographers: ‘She was certainly looking perky,’ salivated Paul Dacre’s organ.

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