Cristiano Ronaldo strips for Armani

Anything Becks can do… Now Cristiano Ronaldo shows off his stunning six-pack in latest Armani underwear ad
Cristiano Ronaldo has stripped down to his Armani underwear in a series of adverts for the luxury brand that have really got Daily Mail hack Chris Johnson excited. David Beckham is now sacked from his role as imaginary boyfriend.


The Armani public relations team has supplied more than half-a-dozen hot pics of Cristiano Ronaldo to Paul Dacre’s team, which has wasted no time sharing the images with lady readers.

‘Becks was thought to have benefited from a spot of airbrushing to accentuate his six pack (and his package),’ bitches the tabloid which reckons Cristiano Ronaldo requires a little less touching up.

Although judging from this piece, Paul Dacre’s team are queuing up to touch him just the same.

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