Courtney Love flashes nipples on Twitter

Give it a rest, Courtney! Rock chick Love up to her old tricks again as she posts risque photos online
When Courtney Love flashed her nipples on Twitter, she could be sure that Daily Mail hack Georgina Littlejohn (daughter of the red-blooded tabloid’s nuttiest columnist, Richard) would be ready to take a long hard look.


When Courtney Love’s nipples appeared Georgina Littlejohn saw a great opportunity to put the nipple pics together with some other naughty images of Courtney Love she’s been saving to make a titillating feature for Paul Dacre’s banana buffing army. Courtney even puckers up for some girl-on-girl lesbian action, an image Georgina Littlejohn finds particularly ‘raunchy’.

We wonder what daddy Richard Littlejohn makes of his daughter paying so much attention to Courtney Love’s nipples and girl-on-girl lesbian antics; it sounds like looking at Courtney Love makes Georgina Littlejohn wish she had a column of her own.

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