Courtney Love naked

Well she certainly seems to have a type: Courtney Love tweets a photo of herself in bed with a Kurt Cobain lookalike
Shameful Courtney Love posts sleazy pics online as she appears to slide back into bad girl ways
Courtney Love sent Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail team into such a tizzy when she went to bed with a Kurt Cobain lookalike and posted naked pictures of herself on Twitter that they had to run the story twice.


The pictures of Courtney Love naked were ‘shocking’ and showed she had gone to far, said the red-blooded tabloid as it invited readers to judge for themselves by republishing photos of Courtney Love naked on its website along with that terrible photo of her in bed with her lover.

‘The 46-year-old also posted an image of her backside while wearing just tights and underwear,’ exclaimed the Daily Mail as it shared the image of Courtney Love’s bum with banana buffing readers.

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