Coleen Rooney is no Sienna Miller

Another day, another bikini: Coleen Rooney shows us yet another two-piece from her extensive wardrobe
Keeping a vest of fashion: Sienna Miller takes skimpy beachwear to the High St
A quiet weekend finds the Daily Mail still counting Coleen Rooney’s bikinis. Despite the best efforts of the paparazzi over at Splash it’s all fairly tame stuff.


Picture editors must be longing for a Sienna Miller style wardrobe malfunction, preferably leading to an upskirt.

Last April the film star managed to give Big Pictures and X17online an upskirt shot of sorts after Ms Miller relied upon the skimpiest of t-shirts to protect her modesty, while fellow paps Barcroft Media were on hand for the all important wardrobe malfunction: Sienna Miller’s bikini top falling down ‘as she hit the waves in California’.

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