Clémence Poésy topless

Risqué leading lady: BBC’s Birdsong star Clémence Poésy once appeared naked in X-rated comedy drama
When the Daily Mail’s J J Anisiobi saw Clémence Poésy topless in BBC drama Birdsong, they immidiealy hit the internet in search of more saucy pics with which to delight banana buffing readers.


And J J Anisiobi was delighted to discover that Clémence Poésy has posed topless before and that topless Clémence Poésy pictures were available to share with Paul Dacre’s red-blooded army. This means that banana buffers can now check out Clémence Poésy topless aged 29 in Birdsong and Clémence Poésy topless aged 19 (but, deliciously for Daily Mail readers playing 16) in Olgas Summer, a film in which Clémence Poésy was not just topless but naked.

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