Chloe Sims boob job not enough

‘I want bigger breasts than Jordan!’ TOWIE’s Chloe Sims goes from a 34D to a 34EE… but says they are still not big enough
The Daily Mail’s Sarah Bull has been reading Reveal magazine and discovered that TOWIE star Chloe Sims has had a boob job that takes her breasts from D to EE, but Chloe Sims wants another boob job to make her breasts even bigger than Jordan’s.


Chloe Sims told Reveal that the skin on her chest simply would not stretch any further and would become transparent if the boob job was any bigger. Chloe Sims, who claims that men don’t take her seriously, told reveal that big boobs make her tummy look smaller. Sarah Bull was delighted the PR team at Reveal has let Paul Darce’s organ republish some pictures so readers can make their own minds up about Chloe Sims’ boob job.

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