Cheryl Cole Vs Nigella Lawson: who would you do?

So long Cheryl Cole’s stick-thin frame, today’s women want… curves like Nigella Lawson’s
Cheryl Cole or Nigella Lawson: who would you do? That’s the challenge Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail is issuing to its red blooded readers.


For Paul Dacre’s team it has to be Nigella. They like a curvy woman, but don’t like anything out-of-proportion, which rules out Katie Price. Cherly Cole is a bit too boyish to excite Paul Dacre’s organ.

Perhaps not surprisingly, given that Dacre is now sixty years old, the Daily Mail hankers for a partner with experience. A title also helps. ‘Womanly’ Dame Helen Mirren and ‘elegant’ Dame Judi Dench go down particularly well.

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