O! Carol Voderman: you can’t turn Louie Spence

We know you’re single Carol but you’re wasting your time with Spence… just so you know!
Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail has accused Carol Vorderman of attempting to turn Louie Spence straight after the 50-year-old allowed the TV dancer to pull down her top and eye up her cleavage.

‘Loose Woman,’ cried out the red-blooded tabloid. ‘Carol, who has won Rear of the Year, showed off her chest after her fumble with Louie’.


The incident was spotted by Daily Mail hacks Sarah Bull and Kirsty McCormack, who watch ITV’s Loose Women so readers don’t have to. The pair tell readers: ‘Carol Vorderman appeared to be barking up the wrong tree as she lapped up attention from Louie Spence… Vorderman appeared to love the attention and couldn’t stop laughing and even played up to the joke by pulling both sides of her top down to emphasise her chest.’

Sarah Bull and Kirsty McCormack are convinced that Louie Spence remains gay, despite being given the full Carol Vorderman treatment. Banana buffing readers are invited to check out Carol Vorderman’s chest for themselves… do you think she could turn you?

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