Cara Delevingne nipple-slip near miss

Nearly a fashion boob! Cara Delevingne almost suffers a nip-slip as she parties in plunging blazer in Cannes with Paris Hilton
When Cara Delevingne’s nipple almost slipped out of her blazer, paparazzi from Splash knew they were on for a decent pay day, especially when they got a good shot of bra-less side boob that showed she was using tit-tape to hold her breasts in place.


Accompanied by Paris Hilton, Cara Delevingnes showed ‘a little too much flesh’ by tabloid hack Fay Strang’s reckoning, coming perilously close to a wardrobe malfunction. Strang had the pictures blown-up to ensure banana buffing readers could get a good look for themselves and share her shock at the near exposure of Cara Delevingne’s nipple. On reviewing the near nipple slip, Daily Mail commentator NoLo opined: ‘Cara soon will enter rehab.’

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