Sexy Camille Grammer pic that scared Kelsey off Piers Morgan

Who wouldn’t want to look at this? Camille Grammer shows off her bikini body as ex-husband Kelsey flees Piers interview… because of her picture
Kelsey Grammer stormed out of CNN after spotting a picture of his ex-wife Camille Grammer being prepared for broadcast, reports the Daily Mail.


And now the red-blooded tabloid has tracked down the sexy pic that upset Kelsey, leaving hack Sarah Fitzmaurice puzzled. ‘Who wouldn’t want to look at this?’, she asks while admiring Camille Grammer’s cleavage and bikini body. Banana buffers may view a series of Kelsey Grammer scaring bikini shots of Camille Grammer strutting her stuff and showing off her cleavage from all angles.

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