Busy Phillips Vs Courtney Cox: Who has the best tits?

Bikini girl Busy Phillips gives Courteney Cox a run for her money as she shows off her curves on Cougar Town
When paparazzi from Flynet caught Cougar Town co-stars Busy Phillips and Courtney Cox frolicking on a Hawaiian beach Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail was desperate to work out who had the best tits.


‘Dangerous curves ahead,’ exclaimed the red blooded tabloid. ‘Busy Phillips gave [Courtney] Cox a run for her money today as she flaunted her more womanly figure in Hawaii… whilst Cox showed off her more ample chest.’

In the end Paul Dacre’s team could not decide who had the best tits, but appeared to err towards Busy Phillips, bitchily claiming that Courtney Cox’s ‘green two-piece was either boasting some uplifting padding, or the former Friends star has taken more drastic measures to boost her bust.’

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