Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson: Corrie’s lesbian bikini babes

Far cry from the cobbles! Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson soak up the sunshine in Spain on an all-girls holiday
When paparazzi from Xposure Photos sent over some pics of Coronation Street lesbians Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson in bikinis to Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail, hack Sarah Fitzmaurice slipped right off her chair in excitement, declaring the pair ‘bosom buddies’ (geddit?).


While Brooke Vincent ‘flaunted her super-toned stomach’, Sacha Parkinson ‘displayed some enviable curves’ and Sarah Fitzmaurice showed off her journalistic ability by reading in the Daily Mirror that Brooke Vincent, not a teenage lesbian off screen, had broken off her relationship with footballer Jack Wilshere ‘after he told her by phone that he was fathering a child with his ex-girlfriend’.

There is no news on what that ex-girlfriend made of Jack Wilshere phoning Brooke Vincent while on the job.

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