Daily Mail reporter in ‘seediest VIP club’

Inside Britain’s seediest VIP club: A sickening and degrading experience enjoyed by royals and celebrities
When Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail heard that the Box, Soho was London’s seediest nightclub, the red blooded tabloid was determined to find out more and so brave hack Rose Harvey went deep undercover to check it out.

‘The outfits being showcased are achingly fashionable,’ sighed Rose Harvey. ‘The super-thin girls wear barely-there dresses which clearly cost the earth. Each has painted her lips in what appears to be the same shade of scarlet. The men are foppish, well-spoken and clad in designer suits. They eye the girls with the detached insouciance only the privileged can carry off.’


Rose Harvey was particularly excited to hear that The Box, Soho is not only London’s seediest nightclub, but a favourite haunt of royalty — Prince Harry, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie — and celebrities — Kate Moss, Emma Watson and Keira Knightly — even if they weren’t there when she was. And poor old Rose Harvey is forced to wait 30 minutes before getting in, despite her early arrival.

But it is not just the lure of celebrity at The Box, Soho that has aroused Paul Dacre’s organ and is likely to attract armies of banana buffing Daily Mail readers. Rose expected ‘the stage equivalent of a saucy seaside postcard,’ but ‘the “erotic entertainment” I encounter is… quite simply, hardcore pornography of the most repulsive kind.’

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