Billie Faiers’ Vajazzle

‘I think Victoria Beckham would love a vajazzle’: TOWIE star Billie Faiers sheds her good girl image… and her clothes
Billie Faiers of The Only Way is Essex has shed her good girl image, reports an excited Andrea Magraph for the Daily Mail, and stripped for lads’ mag Nuts… best of all Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail has secured some of the best shots from the photoshoot so randy readers don’t have to buy the magazine themselves.


At 21 Billie Faiers is fast becoming an in demand cover girl, says the red blooded tabloid, which has fallen head over heals for Billie Faiers charms. Readers are encouraged to gawp at Billie Faiers as she poses provocatively in her undies.

But what Daily Mail readers really want to see is Billie Faiers’ vajazzle; crystal jewellery applied to those intimate areas revealed by Brazilian waxes. And Billie Faiers would love to show her vajazzle to Victoria Beckham… now there’s an image to excite any Daily Mail reader.

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