Reader Offer: The money’s on Obama, says Paddy Power

Paddy Power: As of 9 October 2012 and with less than a month to go before America goes to the polls, US election bookmakers Paddy Power report that close to three times more money has been staked on President Barack Obama than his election rival Mitt Romney. But the tide may be turning as more gamblers begin to bet on Romney, rather than making a bet on Obama.


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The bookmaker has seen only 25.5 percent of money staked on their next President betting line placed on Romney since he was formally named as the Republican candidate on 30 August while 74.5 percent of the dough has been placed on Obama in the same period.

Meanwhile, the former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, has seen his odds of winning the presidential race improve significantly from 9/2 to 2/1 since his powerful display in the first debate but still trails Barack Obama who remains the favourite to win the election at 4/11.

Obama looked to be home and dry in our customers’ eyes about two weeks ago,’ said a spokesperson for Paddy Power. ‘However there’s been a recent surge in support for Romney which would suggest that Obama might be in a Mitt of trouble.”
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