Belly-dancing Britney Spears

Belly-dancing, sequinned bras and circus ringmasters: A sneak peek of Britney’s flamboyant new tour
The Daily Mail has secured a series of revealing images of Britney Spears preparing for her ‘flamboyant new tour’.


Highlights include: ‘Raunchy: Britney Spears performs in a cage wearing a sexy basque with a Swarovski-crystal bra and knee-high boots’; ‘Bondage chic: Britney’s PVC nipple tassels appeared to have been inspired by Madonna’s Erotica look’; ‘Roll up, roll up: Dressed as a ringmaster, she kicks off the gig to the strains of her song Circus’; ‘Quick change: Britney goes from sexy soldier in her military jacket to Bollywood beauty in her belly-dancing outfit’; and ‘Dance off: The singer is accompanied by two hunky male dancers’.

Don’t be fooled by the grainy images, designed to place the Daily Mail reader as a discreet voyeur. They are all used with permission of Candie’s lingerie, with whom Britney has a deal.

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  1. You know i admire Britney she is one of my fans really coz she’s a good singer…..

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