Beatrix Von Bourbon topless on Britain’s Got Talent

That’s hardly toning it down! Burlesque dancer Beatrix Von Bourbon whips her top off on Britain’s Got Talent pre-watershed… despite Ofcom warning
Burlesque act Beatrix Von Bourbon went topless on Britain’s Got Talent before the watershed, much to the dismay of Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail. But banana buffing readers who missed the show need not fret as the red-blooded tabloid has reproduced some key stills and embedded video of the whole thing.


Reporters Holly Thomas and Liz Thomas were shocked to see Beatrix Von Bourbon strip from a purple gown right down to a pair of nude shorts, so that some Daily Mail readers might have mistaken her for being totally naked. On an earlier show Beatrix Von Bourbon ‘wore a red vintage style skirt suit with gold heels before undressing to a thong and corset that revealed her breasts’ complains Paul Dacre’s organ.

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