Reader Offer: free Audio book from Audible

Audio books are great and now, thanks to Audible, buying audio books has never been easier.

With over 30,000 titles from classics to crime, sci-fi to languages, self-help, biographies, comedy and more to choose from, the Audible subscriber is never without a good book. Books may be downloaded to and played on your PC, any iPod and many other MP3 Players and many over devices, including some Sat Nav systems.

And Audible audio books are affordable too: at least 30 per cent off the equivalent CDs. Thanks in no small part to the absence of shipping charges, which makes Audible a greener choice too.

Audio books are available to buy as one off purchases, but the cheapest option for regular listeners is to become an Audible subscriber, receive a new audio book every month and save up to 80 per cent on the non-member price.
Free Audio book Download at Audible
[Free audio book promotion and price comparison correct at time of writing.]

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