Andrej Pejic: a man in a bra!

A MAN modelling women’s lingerie? Andrej Pejic proves a push-up bra can create serious cleavage… even for the truly flat-chested
When Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail heard that a Dutch department store had found a male model to front a lingerie campaign, the team probably concluded that it had another reason to pull out of Europe.


Hema called in Andrej Pejic to model its push-up bras to show that even the flattest chest can be given a cleavage. And hack Tamara Abraham reckons he looks the business and makes a wise, if surprising, choice. ‘Not only does Mr Pejic make headlines with every campaign he does, his notable lack of cleavage proves that Hema’s new bra can give even the flattest chests some shape,’ she concluded… and he’ll probably fool a few banana buffing Daily Mail readers.

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