Amy Molloy: Wife Interrupted

AD: Buy Wife Interrupted by Amy Molloy
Confessions of a scarlet widow: Why, just 12 weeks after my husband’s death, I threw myself into the world of casual sex
Amy Molloy, self-described ‘scarlet widow’ and Daily Mail features assistant, continues to brag about her sex life, puffing her book in her employer’s tabloid.


Regular banana buffers will recall that Amy Molloy was let down by the Catholic Church which failed to explain ‘what comes after the death us do part.’

Amy Molloy’s erotic adventures continue to excite Paul Dacre’s organ as she explains how she was ‘revived’ by a one night stand. Now it’s not the Catholic Church that fails Amy, but Molloy’s parents who fail to speak up for their daughter’s morals. Amy Molloy takes this as her queue to have many more similar sexual adventures.

For Daily Mail readers unable to picture the scene, a photo of some models acting out one of Amy’s one night stands is provided.

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