Amy Molloy: scarlet widow

AD: Buy Wife Interrupted by Amy Molloy
Confessions of a scarlet widow: How I used sex to get over my husband’s death
Daily Mail features assistant Amy Molloy’s new book Wife Interrupted is out today, but her employer has already snapped up the section tabloid readers will be most interested in: her ‘confessions of a scarlet widow.’


‘To whichever man shared my bed that evening I was nothing more than a female anatomy,’ Amy Molloy tells the Daily Mail as she claims to have bedded 27 men in 13 months following her husband’s death. ‘And that was just fine with me.’

An upstanding member of Paul Dacre’s team, Amy Molloy is not proud of her behaviour, but was let down by the Catholic Church which failed to explain ‘what comes after the death us do part.’

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