Amy Childs’ boobs disappear

‘I want my curves back’: opens up about her weight loss and reveals she wants ANOTHER boob job
Red blooded tabloid, the Daily Mail, has read in New! magazine that the boobs of The Only Way Is Essex star, Amy Childs, have disappeared.


The boobs are reported to have deflated after Amy Childs lost weight. Paul Dacre’s crack reporting team read that Amy Childs has told new New!, ‘I was a size 10. I’m about an 8 now. I’ve lost my boobs a bit as well.’

The new smaller boobed Amy Childs appears to disappoint Paul Dacre’s organ, which is known to be excited by larger breasts. Paul Dacre’s team has read that ‘skinny’ Amy Childs wants her boobs back and is looking forward to another boob job.

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