Reader Offer: Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur

If you enjoyed Pixie Geldof’s work on Agent Provacateur’s Spring/Summer collection – ‘styled as a “virgin – rosebud of lip and sweet to taste”,’ reported the Daily Mail – or the more ‘gothic’ look of her sister Peaches, it’s probably time you treated yourself and your partner to some designer lingerie.

Agent Provocateur aims to create high quality designer lingerie that stimulates, enchants and arouses both the wearer and her partner.

Dressed in luxurious Agent Provocateur, the leading lingerie company promises, allows a woman to reveal her inner sexuality and exude confidence.

So empowered she may indulge passion and intimacy and explore her – and her partner’s – inner desires and fantasies. Consequently, Agent Provocateur profoundly enriches lives.

With lingerie collections to suit the boardroom or the boudoir Agent Provocateur enables women to be sexy, professional – or both – as their mood and desires take them.

Bridal wear is the jewel in Agent Provocateur’s crown, re-energising both bride and groom to bring magic and passion to the all important first night.

Accessorised with pasties, masks, gloves, whips, jewellery and garters Agent Provocateur lingerie creates opportunities to feel vibrant and sexy and to fulfil any romantic fantasy.

Other Agent Provocateur products include swimwear, accessories, whips, masks, perfumes, lotions, corsets, candles, and footwear.

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