Agent Provocateur lingerie model army

AD: Agent Provocateur READER OFFER
Agent Provocateur’s new model army marches on Selfridges to launch new lingerie line
When Agent Provocateur’s new model army marched on Selfridges, the Daily Mail was quick to dispatch Eleanor Glover to cover the successful PR stunt.


Agent Provocateur has always ticked the box for Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail thanks to its hints of bondage and forbidden fruit. This army of lingerie models ‘clad in thigh-high boots, zip-up pants, braces and bra, topped off with aviator sunglasses and caps’ was always destined to make it big in the red blooded tabloid.

With the stunt timed for the crack of dawn it was mostly witnessed by cab and bus drivers and the Daily Mail. ‘Had been any later,’ asks Eleanor Glover, ‘who knows what sort of mayhem could have ensued.’

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